Monday, October 17, 2011

Life Drawing: Portfolio #1

Portfolio #1 Figure Drawing - Due Nov 8th
(30% of final grade)

This is going to be an important assignment for this class.  It's the first of many portfolios that will be submitted in the next 3 years of animation.  Collect the best drawings from each class and from the drawing circle.  Keep a variety of drawings (30sec, 1 min, 3 mins, 5 mins)  Ongoing assessment will be available to each student during or after class.  I encourage students to approach me with their drawings before the due date to help accurately inform and assess students on their strengths and weaknesses.  Remember Life drawing is about building your skills up for animation.  Drawing from life will build the artillery of poses and gestures to apply to your imagination!

Bristol board -Left side and Bottom taped closed.  Top and Right side open.
Upper right corner- name, printed
Each drawing- On newsprint and in Conte, Willow stick or Nupastel.  Name, time in bottom right corner of each drawing.
Drawings submitted in Pencil will not be marked for grade.

Each portfolio will be made up of 10 pages of drawings for final submission:
2 x 30 seconds
2 x 1 minute
2 x 3 minute
2 x 5 minute
2 x students choice

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