Monday, February 6, 2012

More on Glen Keane


Lately when I think of life drawing for animation, I keep coming back to Glen Keane.  He really epitomizes what I mean to life draw like an animator.  I love his passion for the art.  I love in this podcast Glen speaks about hitting a wall in his animation:

"when you run up against a problem, you always think it's because, 'Oh I'm not good enough'.  It's not that.  You've hit the limit to your knowledge, and you've gotta go out and observe and get something more.  Those are the best times, when you're... in a rut, and the world is open and you're ready to learn something new.  You've gotta go, you've gotta take advantage of that." -Glen Keane

PODCAST interview with Glen Keane:

LIFE DRAWING by Glen Keane

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