Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pelvis Nightmares.

It feels like it was just yesterday, when I was in college studying for my bone test.  The dreaded bone test was something I miraculously aced.  Notice I am completely cocky about this fact.  It is not an easy test.  I studied my ass off for this test.  I drew for weeks prior to the test.  I drew the joints;  the knees, the collar, the shoulders, the elbows.  Over and over and over again, I would draw and dissect the pelvis.  If I remember correctly, the night before the bone test I had the most vivid and horrifying dream about being attacked by pelvises.  Imagine Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds.  Only in my dream, the birds where flying bat-like pelvises.  It was obvious that I was stressed, but I think in some sick way, my brain was helping me out.   While I was sleeping, I was still envisioning pelvises rotating from every angle, coming towards me.  I'm sure the adrenaline had lots to do with the retention.  I rarely remember where my car keys are on a daily basis.  But, that morning, I stormed the bone test and got myself a glorious A.  


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