Monday, March 12, 2012

Speedpainting: Landscape

I love the great treatment of the trees and the light filtering through them in the back.  The white tree is a little jarring in contrast, I would definitely use a light grey tone instead of the sharp white.   This is an interesting painting actually.  All the tones are really cool.  Although it's subtle, the warmest tone is the light coming thru the trees.  It draws the eye all the way through to the back, you hardly even notice there are characters here.


By Danielle Hodgson

Speedpainting: Pretty Lady

Rita did not choose an easy photo to start with, but I think she had lots of success.  She did a great job on the skin.  Skin tones can be very tricky, especially when working from a photograph.  Photos tend to make the skin look smooth and often does not provide much in the way of contrast.  Check out those bright yellow highlights for the blonde.  So awesome.


By Rita Luopa

Monday, March 5, 2012

30min Speedpaint: Northern Landscape

I love the creamy whites in this picture and how they softly contrast against the dark and light teals.

By Morgan Kagesheongai